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Out of Chaos Collection

Mixed-media acrylic wildlife paintings on paper

For over 20 years I built a career as a wildlife and portrait painter known for my traditional realist style. Working in pastel or oil, I always knew what my subject would be and how it would look once completed. It was a well practised skill with predictable outcomes.

In 2020 I moved on from this very detail orientated way of working to embrace a looser and more free-flowing art style. One where I didn’t know what subject I was painting until some way through the process.

The inclusion of animals in my art continues, their images hard-wired in my brain after so many years, but it’s their energy and spirit that are more important to me now.

These “Out of Chaos Creatures” convey my love of the natural world. Working in this way keeps me joyfully engaged in a creative experience of the art.

PLEASE NOTE: "Out of stock" means you can't purchase online through my website, you need to contact the gallery directly.

However if the gold ribbon reads "Sold" then the item is no longer available.

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