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About Me

Mixed-Media Artist

I’m a former traditional artist who has begun an exciting journey into semi-abstract wildlife painting.

Having honed my skills as a realist artist for over 20 years, I realized that there was more to wildlife painting than just replicating what I saw. I wanted to go beyond mere representation to capture not just the physical appearance of animals but also their spirit and energy.

This led me to explore the realm of semi-abstract art, where I can express the essence of wildlife through vibrant colours, and unconventional techniques. Working in mixed media, I combine various materials such as acrylics, oil pastels, and inks to create textured and layered artworks that bring nature to life in unexpected ways.

My paintings begin with intuitive mark-making. I have particular affection for the creatures inhabiting Scotland so they are often the most familiar shapes I find in the paint. Once I’ve identified my subject in these random marks, I work to bring out form and detail, drawing on previous experience to create a balance between abstract and realism.

My work aims to encourage a sense of connection between viewers and the natural world, reminding us to appreciate and protect these creatures and their habitats.

My artwork has been in many solo and group shows. I have collectors across the UK and in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

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