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Reviving Biophilia

6th June - 16th July 2024
Alchemist Gallery 
48 high Street, Dingwall IV15 9HL
Tel 01349 368200

Biophilia noun

  1. an innate love for the natural world, supposed to be felt universally by humankind.

"Reviving Biophilia" celebrates the beauty and wonder of Scottish wildlife through mixed-media, semi-abstract art.

Each piece is a testament to the innate connection between humans and the natural world, inviting reverence for the wild landscapes and creatures that call Scotland home.

My aim is to encourage a love and respect for the environment we share and an understanding that our fates are intrinsically entwined.

Meet the Artist - Saturday 6th July

I will be there to chat to visitors at the gallery in Dingwall from 11am to 1pm.

Do come along to say hello and I'll tell you all about how and why I create my art the way I do.

PLEASE NOTE: "Out of stock" means you can't purchase online through my website, you need to contact the gallery directly.

However if the gold ribbon reads "Sold" then the item is no longer available.

Reviving Biophilia - Alchemist Gallery Dingwall: Project
Reviving Biophilia - Alchemist Gallery Dingwall: Product Gallery
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