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Acrylic mixed-media on Bristol Board

Image Size 46x66cm

External Mount Size 60x80cm

External Frame Size 68x88cm

Vision - Alanda Calmus

  • Energy channelled through Brow Chakra

    Themes: Empowered focus, perseverance, stamina and endurance whilst retaining a lightness of spirit and playfulness. Higher perspectives and seeing the bigger picture. Seeing beyond illusion. Trusting inner guidance, true course, keeping on track, avoiding distraction. Alignment. Clarity. Vocalising your desires and defending your values. Choose a path that is your own. Courage and devotion. Sense of purpose and confidence to succeed. The journey is the destination!

    Artist’s note: Early on in this painting I found a white goose whose energy remains in the painting despite no longer making a visual appearance. Its message was one that underlined the need for perseverance and the ability to see the bigger picture and not to get hyper focussed on something that just isn’t working. By being willing to let go of this one aspect I was able to make better progress and reach my goal whilst still retaining the integrity of the message. The painting unfolded from there showing a glimpse beyond the veil, a reminder that focussing doggedly on our problems prevents us from accessing potential solutions.

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