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Acrylic and oil on 100x70cm stretched canvas, 2cm deep.


Unframed but neatly painted edges so it can be hung straight on the wall without framing or choose a frame to suit

Under an Arktos Sky

  • This painting was started completely intuitively. See video for how I began, just playing with paint with no preconveiced idea of what the subject would be. You will be able to see from the underpainting which was done in acrylic, where certain shapes reminded me of the animals I then went on to bring out of the paint. I worked in many layers of acrylic to refine these images before working in more detail and depth using oil paint.

  • Sadly it is now too late to prevent the Arctic from having periods of ice free conditions in the next decade. However it is still vitally important to keep greenhouse emissions as low as possible in order to avoid prolonged ice free conditions. 

    The ice caps melting has already had a devastating effect on the wildlife of the area.

    The outlook is tragically poor. Not only will the melting of the ice make it increasingly difficulty for the survival of these animals but sea levels will rise up to 20 inches. That will affect coastal dwellers both human and animal. The effect on a global scale will mean increasingly extreme and unpredictable weather.

    Appreciate every bit of wildlife in the your environment. Protect it and provide more space for it in an increasingly built up world.

    Their and our own very survival depends on it and we, the human race, are ever enriched by the reconnections we make with the natural world that has held us for so long.

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