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Acrylic mixed-media on watercolour paper
Image Size 76x56cm
External Mount Size 80x100cm

External Frame Size 88x108cm

The Chase - Alanda Calmus

  • Energy channelled through Sacral Chakra
    Started during the Full Moon with lunar eclipse.

    Themes: New beginnings, rebirth and renewal, prosperity, desire, abundance, creativity, fecundity, fertility, sensuality, inspiration, magic. Divine guidance to follow your dreams and bring your creative desires to fruition. The ability to respond quickly and re-adjust your path as necessary to fulfil your divine purpose. Creative potential, fruitfulness, the capacity for abundant production.

    Theban script reads “I am ready to follow my dreams to create the life I want”

    Artist’s note: This painting’s early layers contained images of a large golden key, a blue dragon, sunflowers and a gryphon. The hares first appeared in a few different positions than shown here, they are still dancing about the piece constantly regardless of where I captured their images with paint. The lunar energy in this painting is potent. Tune in to it and take notice as their magic inspires beautiful synchronisities in your life.

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