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Purple Passion is your reminder that beauty, fertility, and creativity are interconnected. Annie Cole's hand-crafted beaded sculpture is the perfect combination of gemstones, crystals, and healing energy to inspire your imagination.


This exquisite beaded sculpture is made with love and intention. Feel the power of its healing gemstones and crystals as you admire its beautiful design — a perfect combination of art and nature.


The purples and pinks penetrate your soul and remind you of the power within.  Get ready to feel the energy of passion and intuition with this one-of-a-kind statement piece. Unleash your inner muse and make Purple Passion yours today!

Purple Passion Sculpture - Annie Cole

  • The lepidolite quartz point with Swarovski Crystal tip is seated on a hand-embellished beach pebble amid a garden of healing gemstones. The sculpture is suggestive of a fertility symbol - perfect for manifesting abundance in your life.

    Unlock your inner power with Purple Passion's healing gemstones and crystals! Experience their beauty and energy — from rhodonite and quartz to flourite and amethyst—and let their ancient wisdom of nature guide your spirit.

    • Rhodonite: A powerful crystal that arouses compassion, forgiveness, and love.

    • Lepidolite: A stone of transformation that brings emotional healing and stability.

    • Amethyst: An all-purpose healing crystal for protection, spiritual insight and relaxation.

    • Purple Fluorite: Enhances intuition & creative thinking, as well as increases concentration and clarity.

    • Agate: Brings balance, courage, strength and harmony. the inclusion of fossils connects us to our past.

    • Lilac Jasper to discover hidden talents within oneself.

    • Violet Jasper to ground you into the present moment and remind you of your highest self’s purpose.

    • Tourmaline to help you enjoy a deeper connection with yourself and the universe and manifest your dreams into reality.

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