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Expressive wildlife mixed-media painting on paper 8x11in


Double Mounted and framed to fit a 11x14in soft white wooden frame.

Denver - Alanda Calmus

  • This unique and cheerful painting of a young buck is the perfect addition to any space, with its bright colours and intuitively painted marks.

    Deer are associated with the season of spring for several reasons. In many cultures, deer are symbols of renewal and rebirth. This connection is likely due to the fact that deer mate and give birth in the springtime, thus representing the cycle of life and renewal.

    Additionally, in many cultures, deer represent grace, beauty, and fertility due to their graceful movements and ability to produce offspring. The sight of a deer can be a reminder of the beauty of nature and its ability to bring forth new life each year.

    These "Out of Chaos", intuitively painted pieces are full of life, invoking feelings of joy and adventure. Immerse yourself in the free-flowing shapes, lines, and colors that make up these unique creations.

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