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Upcoming Christmas Market Event

Exclusively Highlands Christmas Craft and Food Fair at Eden Court

In just of a couple of weeks time I will be participating in my first Christmas Market for what must be about 15 years or so.

I am both excited and nervous but mostly I’m feeling curious about how my work will be received at such an event.

When I was participating in the North East Open Studios event I was encouraged by all the positive comments that related to the difference between seeing my work online and being able to view it in person. A lot of visitors mentioned how they hadn’t appreciated from the online photos, just how textured and multi-layered my work is.

I was delighted to sell a mixture of large and smaller pieces as well as cards during the 9 days of NEOS.

One of the things I had done specifically for that event was to paint some miniature versions of my Out of Chaos Collection. These sold almost as fast as I could paint them.

This has given me the idea to do a larger range of these miniature paintings for the Eden Court Market. All born from swatches of intuitively painted paper and each one entirely unique.

I’ve got quite a collection of them so far ranging from being in 3.5in sq frames up to 7x9in and that’s not to mention the original medium to larger sized paintings.

If I can get them all finished in time I will have a table full of miniatures ready for people to pick up as gifts for others or as a treat for themselves.

If you’d like to visit me there, here are the details. Of course, everything will be available to view online at some point but by then your favourites may have already been snapped up.

Event Details

18th-20th November

10am-5pm Free Entry

Eden Court Bishops Rd, Inverness IV3 5SA

Come visit me there to see

  1. Original Framed Artwork

  2. Framed and Mounted Prints

  3. Greetings Cards

  4. Miniature Originals

I look forward to seeing anyone who can make it.

If you’d like to see what’s currently available in the larger paintings, before the event you can browse my Out of Chaos Collection below.

Out of Chaos Collection

Emerging from the chaos of intuitively made paint marks come various creatures. I create order from the chaos to bring these animals into being and express their vibrant and wild spirits.

Love and gratitude

Alanda xx

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