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Surrendering to Self Care

Right now

I should be trying to sell my artwork to get some extra funds for a potential new venture.

I should be working on commissions.

I should be walking my dogs.

I should be doing housework.

I should be doing research to help me make important decisions.

I should be buying Christmas presents and getting groceries in.

I should be putting up my Christmas decorations.

I should be cooking proper meals for the family.

But… I’m not!

I’m not doing any of those things.

Instead I’m in my jammies trying to get up the enthusiasm to heat myself a bowl of soup.


Because I’m poorly. I have a throat infection and I feel rubbish.

I’m not feeling sorry for myself. There are lots of people dealing with far worse and this will pass relatively soon for me.

But because of all the afore mentioned things, I’ve been trying to carry on as normal and I realise this is just going to make it drag on longer.

What I really need to do is get well again as soon as possible. How am I going to give my body a chance to fight this infection if I won’t bloody stop giving it extra stuff to deal with?

So, as of today, I surrender.

What does my brain have to say about that?

It says, it won’t relax or give up. It’s going to try and keep me in a state of tension because of all these things that are piling up. There’s no one else to do them so what’s going to happen?

Well, the world won’t end. It’s not an ideal situation but if I let go of other peoples expectations of me, I can live with it.

And that’s what everyone around me is going to have to do too because I am busy getting better.

Why did I bother to write all this down?

I wanted to share this because I know there are lots of people running themselves into the ground at this time of year, putting heaps of pressure on themselves to do it all, at any cost.

The costs of trying to do too much are numerous. It can cost your time, your spirit, your sanity, your health, your bank balance, your relationships, the list goes on.

So I’m asking you: Do you have a handle on it all, really?

What one or more things could you put down now to save you having to put everything down when you’ve completely run out of steam?

Is there anything that someone else could do for you that all you have to do is ask for?

What just really isn’t that important to get done right now because it could wait until you’ve got more time?

Could you get an earlier night once in a while?

Could you turn down that extra bit of work you are going to struggle to fit in before Christmas?

Just remember you may feel like you’ve got to do it all to make ends meet. I understand that there are bills that needs paying but what happens when you can’t do anything at all because you’re flat on your back? Perhaps there are some other things you could let go of just so you can concentrate on the essential tasks.

These are all important questions. So how can I lighten my own workload to give myself time to recover?

Well, I’m going to get the kids to help with the housework and I’ll just have to ignore their harumphs! They can put up the decorations too, since they proved their worth on that front last year.

Hubby (the Tech Gadget Guru) is dealing with the kids’ presents and lets face it, who else needs them?

I will make a start on an online grocery shop tonight and just hope I can get a slot. Worst case we live out of the local Coop like we normally do, they have everything we could possibly need anyway.

Commissions will have to wait, they are not for Christmas fortunately but still early in the New Year. I have time.

The dogs can live with one day of boredom.

Pasta and jar sauces make for easy dinners.

I can’t do anything about any decisions now anyway so do I really need to force it or can I just let the answers come to me naturally in the fullness of time?

As for selling my artwork, I usually find that my paintings sell better in galleries at this time of year. That’s when people can see all the details, texture and colour shifts up close and fall in love with something that speaks to them directly.

Marching into Autumn

At the Gallery in Aberlour

If you are interested in any of my original artworks, they can be found the following galleries local to me and you would be helping to support them too:

Anything I currently have at my studio is available to collect by appointment or can be delivered locally before Christmas when I am feeling better. I can’t guarantee being able to post anything at this late stage to arrive before Christmas but I can provide Gift Vouchers. You can see what’s available in the Originals section of my website.

Thank you for your patience.

With all that taken care of, in my mind at least, I feel a lot more inclined to rest up now to recuperate.


I wrote all this yesterday but after taking my own advice and doing as little as possible yesterday, I actually feel a little better today. So much so that I took advantage of the nice day and cleared the garden of some of the fallen leaves. (Just the ones on the paths and the artificial grass I have for the dogs. The rest I left in the borders for the creatures and shrubs) I didn’t overdo it but the fresh air and nature of the task made me feel good. Plus I used my besom and well, you know, what task isn’t made more fun with a proper broom? 😉

Next time

I might manage another post before Christmas even if it’s just the usual wish of glad tidings.

In the meantime though, do have a think about whether you really need to do absolutely everything that’s on your “To Do” list and for goodness sake take care of yourself.

You matter!

Sending Universal love to help fill your cup and bolster you if you are feeling overwhelmed.

With love and care

Alanda xx


Doing less doesn’t mean giving less.

So, if you are interested in having any of my prints delivered direct to you door or sent as a gift to someone else, I can GIVE you a 20% discount until the 31st December 2021.

You can browse each section by following the links below and the add the code SAVE20 at checkout when ordering.

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