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Straight Back to Work

I’ve just returned from a week long holiday with my husband, at Lake Garda, in Italy. The evening we got back home I was straight back on the computer starting the next lot of tasks for work.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lovely time and it’s a truly beautiful place but it wasn’t quite as restful as I’d hoped.

I didn’t mind all the walking up and down for miles which had my calves screaming. It reminded me that need to do more stairs and hills at home. It was navigating the narrow, twisty, turny Italian roads for my husband while he was driving that was stressful.

As grateful as I was to be able to get away somewhere warm for the first time in 5 years, I was also glad to get back home in the end.

I didn’t worry about work for the whole time I was there (probably because I was too busy worrying about the driving!!). However, now I’m back to it, the pressure is on for the next few events.

So What’s Next?

Well, the first event I have to prepare for is The Aberdeen Art Fair, 1-3 September in The Music Hall, Aberdeen.

I don’t have to paint anything more at the moment because I still have pieces I can show from my exhibition as well as anything that remains after Art Aboyne has finished.

However, since I am showing the work on behalf of my online gallery, Aether to Easel, I have to gather the art from the other artists. I have already collected some of the work myself and received some by post.

I have undertaken the task of mounting and framing a good portion of the work that is going to be shown so that is what I am getting stuck into for the next few weeks.

Yesterday I tidied my studio in preparation. This involved pulling heaps of boxes out and the dog bed while I organised everything.

Bandit Cat decided to commandeer the dog’s bed for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. The dogs were not amused but had the good sense to leave him to it!

For our holiday we flew from Manchester airport so stayed at my Mum’s in Lancashire on the way there and on the way back.

While there, I took the opportunity to meet another one of the Aether to Easel artists who lives nearby. It was lovely meeting Helen Williams at her home and seeing all her paintings.

I brought a few back with me for the art fair and made a big list of pieces I’d like to take to the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival later in the year.

I’m excitedly awaiting the last few artist’s work and I can honestly tell you that what I have got so far is stunning. Seeing this work in person far surpasses what you see on a computer or phone screen.

I can’t wait to have it on display for the visitors of Aberdeen Art Fair. It’s exciting and a bit scary all rolled into one.

Art Aboyne

The exhibition at Art Aboyne is still ongoing. They’ve just had their midway rehang of the artwork so if you’ve been already, there’s more to see now. It will be on in the Aboyne and Glen Tanar Memorial Hall until next Saturday, 12th August.

I was delighted to discover that I have sold 3 of my original paintings so far and a few mounted prints. Fingers crossed for some more before the week is out.

Original Paintings sold at Art Aboyne

It is the Aboyne Highland Games today. It’s taking place right across the road from the hall so hopefully that will encourage a lot of visitors.

I will be at Art Aboyne for a full day invigilating next Tuesday 8th, from 10am until 6pm. Pop along then to see me and say hello!

It will be my first time seeing this year’s exhibition myself and I can’t wait. I try to visit every year because it is always such a good show.

What Else?

I also have to curate, upload and open the upcoming Aether to Easel Online Autumn Exhibition by next weekend.

Thankfully I was super prepared and uploaded as many pieces as I could before I went away on holiday. I still have to take photos of some of the new pieces I’ve received though and make sure I have all the correct details for them.

I’ll also be showing these Autumn Collection pieces at The Aberdeen Art Fair. There will be a short window of opportunity for people to purchase online and snap up their favourite pieces before they go to the fair.

Elgin Library Exhibition

I nearly forgot that I haven’t written about how my exhibition in Elgin Library went. I took it down the day before I left for my holiday and was very pleased to discover that I’d sold a total of 13 original paintings ranging from the smallest to the largest and all but 5 of my greetings cards had been sold.

If you’d like to see what I still have available, you’ll find all the pieces here in the Out of Chaos Collection.

Out of Chaos Collection

Emerging from the chaos of intuitively made paint marks come various creatures. I create order from the chaos to bring these animals into being and express their vibrant and wild spirits.

There were heaps of really lovely comments in the visitors book. It’s always so encouraging to read how much people have enjoyed seeing the paintings.

It was also really nice to hear that my work has inspired some people to pick up paint brushes again after a long break or try something new in their own art practice.

And on that note…

What is the saying? “Time and tide waits for no one”? Well, it’s time for me to crack on with my jobs so I’ll say ta ta for now and catch up again probably in a fortnight.

Hope you’re having a good Summer and enjoying your time in whatever way brings you the most joy.

Love and gratitude always

Alanda xx

Painting of the Week

Here you can perhaps see from my original paint marks why I decided to bring the sleeping fox out. Initially, when it was turned to have the ears pointing up the way, I thought it may have been a red squirrel. You know me though, my fox obsession was the stronger visual association so it had to be.

Paint marks of inspiration

Let Sleeping Foxes Lie

This one received some lovely comments in the visitors book and seemed to be a favourite for many. It is still available so, if it’s one of your favourites too, you can pick it up here.

Let Sleeping foxes Lie

7.5×11.5in Acrylic Mixed-Media on paper

Double mounted and framed to 12x16in


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