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My story with The Creative Visionary Program

Enrollment for The Creative Visionary Program is well and truly open — and there are only 3 days left to enroll.

As a past student, I wanted to share a little more about how the program has impacted me personally…

Before CVP, I had just embarked on a new path in my art-making journey. I was leaving behind my traditional realist style of painting to create more intuitively, using brighter colours with a much looser painting style:

After nearly 20 years of painting professionally, I felt like I was starting from scratch!

Although I was feeling freer than I had in years and having a whale of a time; (painting had become fun again), I still felt like I didn’t know what I was doing anymore.

I couldn’t seem to marry the skills I’d developed over many years, to the freedom of intuitive painting.

From the moment I joined, Nicholas and the CVP coaches helped me begin peeling back the layers of confusion — allowing me to reconnect with my art, myself, and where I was headed next.

Specifically, they helped me connect to what I wanted to express with my art and gave me the tools to understand how to combine my love for the details in my subjects with how I felt about them.

The coaching sessions were particularly helpful. Seeing a painting adjusted digitally before my very eyes to improve the design, value or colour, helped my understanding of how to improve my own paintings.

The encouragement of the whole team and the groups was so nurturing. I felt incredibly supported to experiment and improve.

It’s not just about the art though. It’s about life too and I’m much more aware of how I design my life and environment to support my creative journey and nurture my soul.

As a result…

Today, I am running Aether to Easel, this online gallery, specialising in intuitive and visionary art.

I am working towards a solo exhibition this year, participating in Art Aboyne, and taking the Aether to Easel artwork to a huge event in Birmingham later in the year.

There are other exciting things to be announced soon but suffice to say it will be a busy year for me professionally and I feel confident that I can deliver on each one.

The body of work I am personally creating for these events is in direct response to CVP and will be the next step in my art’s evolution.

In short, The Creative Visionary Program is a place where I was given the tools I needed to…

  • Get closer to exactly what I wanted to say through my art… and how to express it in a way that felt like me.

  • See much more clearly when a painting isn’t working and understand how to fix it.

  • See my work through to completion consistently, instead of getting stuck part way through and abandoning it in the corner of my studio never to be seen again.

  • Integrate my art-making and life in a way that makes both feel more exciting, more vivid and fun!

Enrollment is open for just a few days. If you feel called to step up for your art and creativity in a big way this year…

Check it out, if within 30 days, you decide you don't like it you can leave and receive a full refund.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with the course. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't feel that it was worth it.

All the best


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