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Last Couple of Days!

Today and tomorrow are the last days that I will be at Threaplands Garden Centre for the North East Open Studios Art Trail.

The event itself carries on for one more day but for me it ends at 4pm Saturday 16th.

If you haven’t been able to visit so far this is your chance to come and see me and my work and maybe even have a go at painting yourself. Just ask if you’d like to start an Out of Chaos painting for me, and I’ll get you set up with paint and paper.

Here’s Kirsten starting a piece for me and here’s what I found in it. I’m still pottering away refining some bits to make it into a finished piece so I will update on that next time.

It’s been an absolutely amazing week so far. I’ve really enjoyed chatting with all my visitors and I’m so grateful for all the sales of original paintings, prints and cards. It has meant such a lot to me that people enjoy my work enough to hang it in their homes.

Honestly, I’m so thrilled by the response I’ve had to my art. It is so encouraging. I really enjoy what I’m doing now and I think people can feel that joy through the paintings.

I must admit I haven’t done as much painting on site as I thought I would while I’ve been here but my Arctic themed painting has moved on a little from being stuck in a corner of my studio since last year. I’ll wait until it’s finished to show how far it has come from the stage you see below.

Once I have got back into my studio after NEOS, and after I have given it another good tidy up, I have an interesting commission to work on. Then it’s my intention to finish the Arctic piece and to get started on some brand new pieces to take to The Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Birmingham in November. That will be my last event of the year and after that I can take a wee break before it all starts again next year.

The Big Hop Trail Farewell Weekend

On Sunday 17th, I will be heading through to The Music Hall in Aberdeen for The Big Hop Trail Farewell Weekend. All 40 of the large painted hares as well as the small moon gazing hares will be on display in the music hall on Saturday and Sunday.

I really want to take the opportunity to see my hare again as well as all the other artists’ hares all in one place before they get auctioned on Monday night in aid of CLAN Cancer Support.

I’m so excited to find out how much my hare will raise for the charity and where it will be permanently situated afterwards.

Well, I think that’s all for just now except to show you this little piece of colour inspiration I got the other day while walking my dogs.

I just love how varied the colours are on these rosehips and how the reds, purples and oranges pop against the green leaves. I’m definitely going to be playing with some of these colours in my next painting session!

Until next time, have a great weekend and if you’re in the area and haven’t been to see me yet, pop along and say hello. There’s a lovely café at Threaplands so it’s perfect for a wee day out for a cuppa and cake too.

Love and gratitude

Alanda xx

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