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Exhibition at Logie Steading

Over My Shoulder – Watercolour

Solo Exhibition in The Square Room

Logie Steading Art Gallery

3rd -27th September

On the 1st September I travelled through to Logie Steading to hang an exhibition of my more traditional wildlife paintings in The Square Room at Logie Art Gallery.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny day so the drive from Fochabers was a pleasant one. When I arrived and saw the room empty, I realised that I had rather underestimated the size of the space I needed to fill. I had thought I would have paintings left in reserve to fill any spaces that may occur through sales but I had just enough to fill the walls perfectly and no more.

The Pine Marten here is one of my favourite paintings. I haven’t worked solely with watercolour very often so when this one came together really well I was delighted but also a little surprised. It is one of those pieces that I would be sad to see go because I don’t think I could do anything like it again and believe me I’ve tried.

Everyone’s a Critic!

Just as I was finishing and tidying up my packaging materials an older couple came in to browse. They were over in the corner looking at the Capercaillies and wondering how they were painted. I was just about to pipe up that I could tell them since I was the artist when they moved on to the osprey. When they said it looked like it was flying across someone’s living-room wallpaper, I had a wee chuckle to myself and decided to keep quiet about who I was.

To be honest, I can see their point, perhaps the background on that one doesn’t quite have the effect I intended. If it comes back to me at the end of this exhibition I think I’ll paint a more traditional background for it. I spent a long time painting the osprey and I would like it to find a home with someone who will love it. If that means it requires a bit of a repaint, it will be worth it.

I didn’t get upset about what was said because I’m not always 100% happy with everything I paint myself. I don’t think many artists are. We are our own worst critics after all.

Logie Steading is a lovely place to visit and there is so much more than just the beautiful gallery there.

What you’ll find at Logie Steading

“Originally built as a model farm in the 1920’s, Logie Steading’s attractive sandstone buildings now house an enthusiastic group of individual businesses including the acclaimed Olive Tree Cafe, artisan makers and retailers, often with specialist knowledge of their niche products. Logie House Garden, the playground and the spectacular walks along the River Findhorn offer the opportunity to get outside and explore this beautiful setting. Logie also offers salmon fishing, hosts outdoor activities companies and pop-up events and outdoor theatre.”

If you’d like further details about any of the paintings you see here please contact the gallery directly.

Art Gallery Contact Details

01309 611 378

Logie Steading Art Gallery, Logie Steading, Forres, Morayshire, IV36 2QN

Where Else Can You See My Work?

I currently have the following work on display at The Gallery in Aberlour & Spey Sport

Stargazing Fox

Out of Time

Don’t Stop Me Now!

Contact Tel 01340 871 457

79 High Street, Aberlour AB38 9QB

I also have this artwork on display in Artisan Giftware, Buckie



Artio – Celtic Bear Goddess

Patchwork Paradise

Going with the Flow

Strawberry Fields

Contact Tel 01542 833 389

12 East Church Street, Buckie. AB56 1AE

Artwork from my Studio

I only have a few pieces available direct from me at the moment. You can find details of the ones shown here plus a few more in the originals section of my website. This applies to anything without a Sold or Available from Gallery sign on it.

Next Time…

I have a bit of catching up to do. With the lead up to my last exhibition and being incredibly busy straight afterwards, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to keep up with my blogs. I will try to remedy that soon so you may not have to wait so long weeks for the next one.

Thank you for your patience and continued interest in my work.

With love and gratitude

Alanda xx

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