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Aether to Easel

It’s finally here!

Wishing you a very warm welcome from Aether to Easel.

About us.

Æther to Easel is an online gallery created to showcase the work of specially selected Visionary and Intuitive artists.

Born from a desire to support and encourage visionary artists all over Scotland and further afield, Æther to Easel is a platform that understands their unique creative expression and strives to bring their visions to a wider audience.

The artists shown here are specially selected because they offer a glimpse of something beyond the mundane. Their work inspires us to connect with something greater, whether that be our own intuition, the natural world around us or more celestial and spiritual realms.

Our Most Recent Collection

For our customers, we are creating truly unique, one-of-a-kind art that will enrich your home or work environment.

Our artists each have their own style and work intuitively so each creation is as individual as its creator.

The pieces are not painted with a formula or manufactured on repeat so what you are getting is something that no one else will have.

Nothing beats the energy, colour and texture of a handcrafted objet d’art or an original painting on your wall.

Items from previous exhibitions may still be available. Please enquire if there is something you are interested in.

Artists Submissions

At Æther to Easel, we select artists that are offering something different and unique that responds to the concept of receiving inspiration and bringing it to the world through their art.

We are open to receiving submissions from artists who feel their work would be a good fit for us but please understand that due to the volume of submissions, we are unable respond to everyone.

Please apply through the contact form at Aether to Easel.


We also offer painting workshops and art retreats for artists wishing to learn new skills and anyone wishing to deepen their connection to intuition through painting.

Whether you wish to bring some soul connected artwork into your home or ignite the spirit of creativity in your own art practice, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration here.

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to have a look at our new venture. Please do connect with us on social media and feel free to share with your friends. Please note that we are brand new on these platforms so bear with us while we get some posts going.

We hope you will continue to enjoy our work and keep us in mind when you are looking for that extra special gift.

Love & Gratitude on behalf of myself and Aether to Easel

Alanda xx

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